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23​/​26 | August 13, 2018 (1​:​51am) [Produced By Tellingbeatz]

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



23 - August 13, 2018 (1:51pm) [Produced by Tellingbeatz]

No Love (x4)

No love for the crooks,
no love for the schemers,
no love for the scammers,
no love for the haters
No love for those that wanna see me down
no love for tyrants,
no love for the crown
no love lost, no love found,

This aint a sad song, not one to cry to
not on my time, this track too fly to—
sit around and contemplate,
i’ll give it to you straight
I want all my retribution
don’t sit around and wait there ain’t no confusion
see, I got studios that want to see me fail,
same dude that almost got my girl sent to jail
I got friends that missed the hospital visit,
they see me in person, now they crying— how fitting
momma can’t align with me guess I was a stale phase
took less than a year to trade me for a pale face
they want to come for my character
they want me erased but I ain’t got an editor
but this ain’t a novel son, I’m a novel son
Ain’t the same kid who used to rock the braids like Iverson,
10 years ago I was focused on varsity blues
Letterman’s, scholarships and girls of different hues
Now I’m focused on myself,
got a plan, a schedule, and a blank shelf
need that full before I die, oh my
wait, bury them with me
i can’t guarantee,
that people coming out to see ya boy E
I burned bridges I ain’t trynna rebuild
I always invest where love don’t yield
Damn, maybe its me
Maybe I’m exactly who was trying not to be
look in the mirror don’t like what I see
fighting the thoughts that taking over me
I know right from wrong, good from evil
they the ones lost, but I need retrieval

on the real I’m pissed
on the real I’m pressed
honestly this much more than stress
I’m in a void
lost the only lifeline i had since a boy
the only connection to my identity
my blood aint right these veins aint fitting me
learned this year that my people don’t want me
falling off the edge but trust I caught me
back to the problem at hand,
mom got a man
pitting her against me, and damn it I’m losing
birth of a nation, he calling me aggressive she say its confusing
thought she’d always have my back, but i guess not forever
that day I learned solitude was the answer
Look, I’m giving y’all me, all of me
no holding back I want all to see
things I love, and things I sacrifice
I ain’t even rich yet, but I’m losing my half-life
look what about my girl?
she hold me down, wave caps to a curl
she deserve a ring, but I ain’t got it like that
she ain’t shallow but she prolly aint waiting like that
I need a deal but these labels is leeches
I’m trynna be in the conversation not be in the bleachers
Irony is I’m trynna come back to Toyota
Sold out the seats, popcorn, and the soda
play my songs, sing my words
right my wrongs, bring my verse
I just, I just, I just wanna be loved
never really felt that even from above

Damn, I’m tired and exhausted
24 years of this its a wonder I ain’t lost it
look, i just need, i just need, i just need, i just need
just need something to live for
pray all the time but maybe God won’t hear more
I just need to heal more,
but the thief in the night all he want to do is steal more
i don’t want to seal my fate,
looking for therapy but it might be too late
i’ve buried the pain, deaded the emotions
i’m a euro step away from the pills and the potions
witchcraft brewing i’m already consuming spirits
lust for life i do it for the taste and the feeling…
do it for the taste and the feeling
i feel, i feel, i feel—lost
lost in my mind,
am i wrong or am i right
does it or I matter?
do I lose the war just to win the battle?
gotta unpack my mind does too much travel
insert a damn good closing line here,
blessed to say that there’s still love here
blessed to say that I’m still here
blessed to say that know love


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written & Performed by Eric Washington (www.ericwashington.net)

Produced by Tellingbeatzz (tellingbeatzz.com)

Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko)


all rights reserved


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