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Canto II - The Mixtape

by Eric Washington

01 - Back To The Basics Back to the basics, Running the game like Asics  Feeling like I was born in '86 How much I love the game, I know the game.  We ain't twins, we ain't the same.  I more than win, I shutout the game.  You know my name.  If not, let's bring it back.  My name is Eric Washington and this is not my first track.  This is not my first lap,  But it ain't a victory neither.  More like combat so it's kind of like ether.  I come from a small town in Texas,  Might know where BCS is  2 from Houston, 3 from Dallas  That 979 yeah I'm about it.  College educated black man, so you already know they scared of me.  I got my ring, and I got my team, and they all believe in me. They all rap too so one of us got to make it.  I'm talking me myself and I, this city we taking.  {Lupe Clip} TMI to EMA to BBZ now I’m solo, I been around the block.  Not because I'm hard to work with, cause I'm cut from a different rock.  I'm talking that cornerstone, it's these words I own.  Don't need a writer, even for Canto I.  Available now, so go and get you some.  But this is a different tape, saving rap lemme get my cape. Going Hannibal no more saving face.  Freemason safe in this amazing race, setting an amazing pace cause ain't nobody catching me!  Y'all gonna need not clone my evil twin cause nobody matching me! See Steady with the shotty ain't nobody sacking me!  I don't take Ls, I don't take losses, me, I just stay flossing.  Gotta keep the dental up cause I'm eating this game up.  Gotta keep my name up, won't see me in situations precarious, these flows is nefarious.  I'm so bad, I'm so evil, I'm McCartney and they just Beatles.  Might see me in my charger jammin Beanie Seigel.  {Lupe Clip} My style kind of East by I prefer the West Coast.  Everybody acting brand new like the gulf ain't the best coast.  I see you starting to sweat more, stressing while I get more Lyrically sound than your favorite rapper.  Oh, it's so sad, contracting asthma they get so mad.  This is bad, we can't let him make it,  We gotta miss the tracks, we gotta diss the tracks, but I really want to remix the track.  Boy if you don't get your...  I'm they one they sent for.  I'm the one, I'm the legend, I was chosen, it was written.  10 years or less, or everything is free.  You'll be seeing Kendrick Lamar on one of my LPs.  Cole, Drake, Lu, Wale, Jigga, and Yeezy too.  All I gotta do, is stay all the way true, 8 more than 92. It's Easy...
02 - The Wise Elder: A Urban Legend Back when the hood was supposed to be good, every boy and girl did all that they could. To take care of business to keep the family eating good. There lived an old man who's house was on the corner, quiet old man but his wisdom was older. Wisdom of the old, the type of wisdom for kings to pay gold. Made millions in the game, and then a young man came, to him he said: "Young man, Sit down lemme share some wisdom I keep in my pocket, best to put it in your mind's safe, and lock it. I see you in the black on black 'Lac, soon Maybach. With about 2, 3 girls all different shades of black. Use green to make green stacks. Moved on to flip white, and got ya money back. Got you about ten Mac 10s in the back of that ‘Lac thinking you on track, on your way to the top, cream of the crop, but young blood you in for a very long drop. All them places you go in that black ‘Lac, you ever notice that brother in the silver Pontiac? He knows about ya, He's heard all about your racks, and he got gats, trust its a fact he gonna attack knows you ain't gangster just cause you wear a Snapback." Back when the hood was supposed to be good, every boy and girl did all that they could. To take care of business to keep the family eating good. There lived an old man who's house was on the corner, quiet old man but his wisdom was older. Wisdom of the old, the type of wisdom for kings to pay gold. Made millions in the game, but it’s back to the hood he came. The young man’s shocked, seen right through, he just trynna make a dollar not rep Piru. Still, being hard he asks, “Aight old man, what do I do?" The old man says “This method is what you call trill and true." "Listen, I’ve been your position, played it all the way out, no intermission. Ya killers on a mission, use your intuition, your money is your protection, but his trigger finger itching. Now nah you ain’t a rat, nah you a snake, but they know you fraud. Now you can be a coward or you can be a man, either way understand there’s gonna be a stand, it's you and his whole team in hand. You might make it through, if you gotta crew. Don't know how many you got, roster used to be full, but I know some died when you sold out to the bulls?" Back when the hood was supposed to be good, every boy and girl did all that they could. To take care of business to keep the family eating good. There lived an old man who's house was on the corner, quiet old man but his wisdom was older. Wisdom of the old, the type of wisdom for kings to pay gold. Made millions in the game, he tried to warn the kid, but things weren't the same The young man starts to sweat, chest pains are coming. The old ancient fear being reduced to nothing. No one knows the truth, 'cept this old man. Youngin' loses composure, out of his chair he stands. "Man, you mad disrespectful, I ain't no Snapback gangster, I ain’t no fraud! How I know you real? Just cause you got scars?" "You decrepit, senile, ancient old man, I'd smack you right down if you could even stand." Respect the old, my scars are more real than the stories you told, much more real than the leather wallet you fold. “You deserve what you get." Said the old man, “Regardless my Wisdom you won't forget." You came to me, you and your lies, just know, I was trying to save your life.” Back when the hood was supposed to be good, every boy and girl did all that they could. To take care of business to keep the family eating good. There lived an old man who's house was on the corner, quiet old man but his wisdom was older. “Try and Come back when you have the right, first lets see if you can live through the night.”
03 - Young Thug In the wake of the new generation Stories of suffering have left our thoughts, never to be brought up again. However, men, women, and children alike have had their lives taken from them too soon. Wives, Mothers, sisters, husbands, sons, and brothers Will no longer be seen by their families We can’t let their stories fade... Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown When they see you as nothing but a thug, man it's going down. Oscar Grant, Eric Garner When they see you as a criminal, life's a little harder. Man, apparently we some demons huh? Apparently we gotta die with our color as a reason huh? They say we like Hulk Hogan, beasts at the mouth steady foaming. Make a grown man feel like a five year old, Tell my son he don't have the same exact rights at five years old. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. What are you following me for? To leave me dead on the ground, blood on the floor? I've been dead for hours, over me you standing. You kill what you don't know, and never understand me. Lord, I pray my momma okay, once she hear that her son died today. Got killed and I was blamed for it. Skittles, Ice Tea, and rain pouring. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Ferguson, stay strong. Sanford, stay strong. New York, Los Angeles, yall been suffering too long. We been suffering too long. They shoot us over 40 times and say nothing was wrong. They killed my grand baby while she slept. I hope yall never get no rest. Live with yourself you'll have to. Really it ain't even about you. And no, I don't blame your brothers in arms. I just blame you. You know what you did, and believe me, we do too. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. If I say it eleven times to will they finally hear me? Will we all finally be free? 12 year old, killed by a drive-by. Heard shots rip, boys was dressed in blue, but they wasn't Crips. They say it ain't about race. It aint about the melanin that's all over your face. At least one black man shot in a day. Go ahead, look it up, did my research all day. That's just in the past year. Oh, but ain't nothing to fear. Lord, bless us. We been through it all, When we run, they shoot us to crawl. When we fight, They call us demons in sight. Everyone believe we need to shut up and take it. Hands behind your back and eat the curb like we plate it. Wretched of The Earth, Letter From Jail, Miseducation, oh Lord, our silence will fail. Ask them how they really feel about you. If you died today, would they protest about you? Would they believe what the news say? Or try to make a new way? Again, let me reiterate. I don't blame them all. Again let me reiterate. I don't blame them all. Again, let me reiterate. As a black man we all-- A little more suspect than our counterparts. The data claim we all want it to fall apart. Y'all been brainwashed by the birth of a nation. Even when we non-violent, we see impatience. Maybe we all just need to reflect. Maybe this one was a little too far. But as a voice, even a small one, we can't let this one go. The United States of America has some issues we need to figure out. No matter what side of the fence you're on, this is something we can't ignore. People are becoming cold. Young children are becoming numb. That's something that needs to change. Everyone else can to ignore it, We can't. It's not what we were made to do. Love it or hate it, it's real, and it's honest. That's all that's ever promised.
05 - Always Be . . . You know I’ll always be true, for me and for you. Enough for the both of us, true times two. Man, that’s real, true and trill. Y’know B/CS one time, speaking of, I will soon arrive in time. Me? I’m from everywhere, seen almost everything. Trust what I’ve seen ain’t only on the TV screen. Trust what I seen ain’t only from one scene, ain’t only in my dreams. I’ve seen with thine eyes... I’ve felt with thine heart, things that tear most men apart. I hate a struggle competition. People always trying to prove they hard without a composition. Most times they have no proof, we take it for what they say. We could be getting fooled every single day. Every single hour, a child is born, and a spirit ascends. I just hope before mine does I can make amends. It’s a sad case when you’re already guilty. Both in spirit and in flesh so I guess it is fitting. That I was made in the form of a Black man. With a revolutionary mind so I’m trying to take us back man. Back to being Kings and Queens of nations. Gold as far as the eye can see, no need for temptation. Black is powerful, Black is infinite. I give the mic mortal combat, best believe imma finish it. Scorpion, cause I spit fire, Sub-Zero cause I’m cold with it. Put me with the legends, cause I’m getting old with it. This that lunch table, school yard flow. Call me Mr. Washington, I’m teaching y’all flow. See it’s easy, A B Rhyme scheme. See you got it, now be about it. Don’t be like these other rappers, make a little change. Make a little cash, while not being the same. You know I’ll always be, just a little different. You never know, I could be gone in an instance. You know I’ll always be, just a little soulful. You know I’ll always be, just a little hopeful. You know I’ll always be, just a little nerve racking. You know I’ll always be, the guy that’s always attacking. Cause I got a problem, with most things today. Everything is shady, somehow, someway. I ask myself, “Why?” “Why do I doubt?" Sometimes being alone is all I ever think about. See, you know I’ll always be, just a little skeptical. I’ve seen to many people flip like recripricals. You know I’ll always be, just a little worried. See, the rappers these days is killing verses in a hurry. It's a little scary / things getting hairy / I stay faithful so it's the game I'll marry / y'all stay hateful so it's the game y'all bury / the ground shall break when they bury him / bury him? / I know one day they gonna bury me / at least I stuck to the script on every scene / this the greatest thing y'all ever seen / coming out the 979 / Lemme get a meal with Ty / Warren, but I'm not warring / ain't got enough ammo to take me on / see I love to eat the beats with a lil grey pupon / I'm the type of guy to set it off, then get it on / y'all ain't on my level / making y'all rewrite your verses, ain't that devil? / killing y'all on your own tracks, but this not my final form / see I'm rare / but beware / I breathe my own air / Thanks to J's advice, I prefer not to share
06 - Sinatra Yeah, God flow. Paint a picture like a young Pablo Picasso. Cole said that, I trynna get where Cole heads at. I'm trynna get what going on in his mental. I'm trynna spit like what's coming out his dental. On my way down, got a crooked smile. I want heads of dead prez, I said: I want heads of dead prez. Nothing else, I swear y'all something else. I'm ready to talk about it, I swear y'all just talk about it. I'm just speaking from the Soul. I swear nobody want it more. Wait I'm missing a little something, but I can make a flow outta nothing. We have the Young Sinatra but where is the Logic? Ironically I'm splitting your tomato with a dash oblangata, got a bad tempered woman but she ain't Italiana. Recipe so good you'll say Mia after Momma. Now I'm back on my New York again, sometimes the mic is how I absolve all the sins. Everybody has their own, sometimes it's the gin, sometimes it's the win, sometimes it's the yin, sometimes it's the kin, sometimes... Sometimes it's all you got, and we treat it like honor and harbor, like a degree from Harvard. Show it off to everybody or keep it to yourself, but then it becomes your only source of wealth and mental health, until it supersedes your respect for designer. Healing good, healing better, but we misunderstood. Misunderstood like the previous lines before thee But it ain't really art without a without a way to provide a key so you can see the various dynamics that can present themselves before thee. Vision blurry, see my third eye blind so I can't see from the mind to get what is mine, but it is all fine, like fine wine, something red to go along while I dine. But this just the appetizer, imma need my battleizer. They say it was simpler when we were young, but not the way we grew up. Some of us had to zip the work before the house blew up. Some of us had to risk losing our mommas 'fore we grew up. Some of us, got kids before we 30. Some of us, college educated from the dirty. Some of us, built it from the ground up. Y'all just steal 10 grand from the community. Y'all make a logo just to put on a hoodie. Y'all make a studio just to play 2k. Y'all only call for a ride these days. Y'all know who you are, trust I studied. Pulled an all nightier, then hit the ground running. Burn the hoodies with the flame on them. Imma rock the chain on them. Then break it in front of the crowd, show em that this black man only wears crowns. See, I got the world on a string. Wrapped around my finger, I always kiss the ring. Y'all take money from ya city to buy iMacs with it / Y'all rather pay to perform, yo I ain't with it / they call it sneak disses when you just letting them know / next time get a better hype man for ya shows / that's something anybody can relate / but if ya J's fit wear it if they not fake / so I can stomp on them boys while you pull the metal out / went to A&M but I can bring the ghetto out / take the bullet to the teeth like I got the glow / foam pros on my feet id even walk through snow / cause it's a cold world, real cold world / wow 2 Cole bites in one track? / aye, mixed southern rappers gotta have each other's back /
07 - Interlude: Father It was around 1995 when my father became absent from life for as long as I've lived it. My mother, alone but not lonely; invincible in my eyes serving both her country and her family, her family being her one and only son. Still, there is only so much one can do when balancing serving her country and raising her child. So I was left to my own devices. After years of taking care of myself and learning of this dark cold world, eventually, depression arose due to abandonment and loneliness amongst my peers and a father who rarely ever called, yet whom I still refuse to believe contributed to my loneliness and self-hatred. To me, I was an exception to a statistic. A young black male without a father who was fairly educated and without a criminal record, I single-handedly shoved sociological statistics in the face of every college textbook and FOX News reporter. I entrusted in that so much that I had the audacity to tell people who poured out their hearts to me about their lost guidance and absence of parents to, "move on". I said this as I embraced their tear-soaked bodies, and in those moments perhaps I was speaking for both of us. You may be saying, "You seem to be blaming a lot of this darkness on the fact that your father wasn't the light you witnessed other kids have. Maybe it wasn't his fault maybe there were some circumstances beyond his control as to why he couldn't be a part of your life!" I'll respond with, "Absolutely!" Allow me to leave him to his own devices when he makes sure to attend any Dallas Cowboys game in order support his favorite team, but couldn't attend any once in a lifetime event to support his only son. It's for the better, however. For I hardly knew this man whose DNA I contained. See for twenty years I hardly ever thought of this man. I can hardly remember a time when I sat and thought about him. So imagine my shock when he writes me one day. He says, “Son, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. You never left my thoughts and I continued to love you every day." In my response, I thought of saying something to my father toward my father something that I never believed in, "You're too late. I don't want your apology... Move on. You owe it to your new family to be there for them and never look back. Give everything to your daughters you never gave me. Give them what every child deserves: their father's love." I can only hope he took from those words what I intended to say, and that was, "Father, you're forgiven."
08 One More Time (Produced by Essential Music Alliance) I just want to take this time to thank you. Whoever is listening. I dedicate this tape to you as my commitment to always grind... One more time is all it takes. / One more time is all it took. / Back when I was reading all these books / Trynna raise my GPA, but I was more concerned with hooks. / Listening to my favorite MCs, dreaming one day they'll notice me. / One day they'll notice us, this city that raised me. / The city I been in since I was a baby. / Wanted to get out if I'm being really honest / The plan was to come back to the hood, renovate these houses. / See they ain't gonna push my people out / flood the money into mlk, there ain't gonna be no drought / make west side the new suburb / raise the playing field I prefer / they'll get to shouting at LOV / won't get to Shannon's till after 3 / ooooh Pastor be preaching / ooooh the devil be reaching / in my ear saying "you won't make it" / he don't want y'all getting the checks imma pay you / but don't worry God got me, I already know He got you / all we got it do is give it...  One more time for the daddies in the house / one more time for the mommas with the crown / one more time for the brothers never killing over colors / bloods and crips we can still unite, rebuild the hood in just one night / nortenos y sorenos taking back el barrio / no more blood money, no more sicario / understand I done seen all that / Moses to my people, lead them out we go come back / it's like that Y'all / and I really don't care about it at all / you could say I'm conscious / I prefer to call it honest / see I just love my people / we been through it all / and see we ain't never fall / we just took your money and what we do? We ball. / Wanted what you had, and trust this, we got that / but we still went to do more / we still went to teach more / we still went to build more / I'm not just talking Morehouse, I'm not just talking prairie view /I'm talking me and you / We all thought we had to give our lives. / but in the end, all we did was give it... 
09 A Different State of Mind (Endeavor) [Produced by Essential Music Alliance] This one for the people with the dream / Epic endeavor for those that see / The vision of their success, / The mission to be the best / Those that survived addiction, / Those that gave into affliction. / Those that kicked the habit / those that lit the match and / burned the past with a great revenge / took life back "today it ends" /this one for Dalton, this one for Phil /this one for all those who never considered a deal / with the devil himself /  they never ever try to get help / they try to kill it themselves / I mean the demon / the one that keeps em in cold sweat season / the last bit of life they keep on squeezing / out of you, out of you / it's taking everything out of you / adios it's too late / is what you thought, but you forgot that the Lord has your fate / in His hands / and they don't fall through the stigmata / just hand Him your all your problems / hand Him all your life / your kids and your wife / but don't treat it like ransom (x2) /  the pastor ask for 10% but he'll treat it like ransom / take it upon yourself / relieve it for your health / officer I got one question for you, who will survive in America? Who will survive in America? / is it the free? Is it the brave? / is it the fair skinned? / those that get paid?/ is it the ballin? / The ones He is calling? / or the shot calling? / wearing shock collars? / Will they praise Jesus? / or will they call on Allah? / or maybe Yahweh? / will it be the 1% always? / will it be the poor? Once they eat the rich? / Mortal Man up in this... 
10 When I Make It… If I Make It (Produced by Essential Music Alliance) If I make it, Imma take you all with me. If I make it I want to take the Lord with me. I just want my family fed,  We all living lavish sleeping in our own beds. I ain’t got the heart to fail! I ain’t got the courage to crawl back home and tell, that my dream was deferred. Just another rhymer who’s sole name went unheard. regardless imma still give ‘em me! this is my soul and only I release thee! Only I allow myself to take the long walk home. I ain’t got the heart to tell my mother we gotta leave home. See this is where I thrive, this isn’t how I die. I got music to make, poems to rhyme. This is a gifted take, a blessing in disguise. Stairway to Heaven, The Lord is my guide. Wondering if I really want this, or just to be valued? Look in the mirror ask if I really found you. Will this art be considered as such? Will this be for the taking if I’ve given much? Just another twenty-something with a SoundCloud,  Knowing I hardly got what it takes to please a real crowd. However, I know I got a message, all it takes is to listen. To get the word out there I know is my mission. It ain’t about the check, it ain’t about the chain, It ain’t even about the crowd saying my name. It’s the love of the art, the beats and the rhymes. The bass of the heart, the treble of the mind.  This is Hip-Hop and we do not play. To MC is a responsibility, not a privileged pathway. So as long as I keep it true,  I know one day imma make it soon. Back at it, I'm back at it / these days are slowly fading / these dreams are slowly waving / goodbye, they're leaving me behind / I gotta catch up, I gotta give chase / this rap game is staring me right in the face / and I can't lie, yeah I'm afraid / my time is coming close / my picture in a frame / but I can't die before I go platinum / they want the beat beat, yeah ill smack em / they want to take my soul, nah I ain't bout it / They say I ain't gonna make it, but I doubt it /listen, I'm steady on a mission / content a little more thinker / and they say blood and water don't mix / but when things get tough the family got a fix (got a fix) / I used to pray to Lord for some better days / All I ask is for my momma to be hella paid / maybe I'm the source, her way up / if that then I know I can't ever give up / I seen my momma struggle, paycheck to paycheck / if I get a Millie it's payback to payback / I ain't gonna stop until she laid back on laid back / See, job after job in her resume / best thing she ever did was raising me /
11 - Interlude: I Found You I was very young when I found You. Still in my single digit ages. I remember the day very vividly. I was told about Your love and how You lived a life of no fault and still were able to lay down Your life. For those that did not deserve it. I submitted myself to You and never looked back. I gave my life to You and did my best to walk Your path. Everyday I would fail and I would hate myself for it but still You loved me enough to consume my guilt, my self-hatred, and my brokenness. Still now more than ten years later I find sadness in Your death. Though such a beautiful story we live in a world in which we are told we should find joy in Your death and its meaning, yet I find more guilt. This is not a guilt out of being ungrateful, rather it is a guilt of shame. You should not have had to die for me. You were perfect, You had no fault in You and You spilled no blood. However You voluntarily allowed your own blood to be spilled. However, I think we may have lost ourselves. We celebrate Your death in song and in sharing your life story. We should be celebrating Your heart, Your abundance of love in that You died for us when You didn't deserve to nor did You have to. We should celebrate Your resurrection and Your loving sacrifice. In which the world does but we do so under this reoccurring theme: death. We are told that death has been defeated, but we continue to dwell on it both in our lives and in Yours. So yes, I mourn my King's death everyday and I feel guilty about it. However I find solace in His love, mercy, and grace. Although I am grateful for His sacrifice, I am saddened that it had to happen because of us. Although I am saddened because it happened because of us, I am grateful for His sacrifice.
12 - Ms. Ebony (Produced by Dizzee Beats) Ms. Ebony! With your natural hair, and your black fist raised in the air! Ms. Ebony! I love your skin, I love your soul When you got black, who needs gold?  Ms. Ebony!  This ain’t a song with all that drama, this for black women, this for black mamas Y’all the reason for this track  I'm loving you in all that black, and you know ain't talking about that dress Girl best believe I'm talking about the best: MELANIN Feel so good rolling off the tongue, you got power even when you're young  Girl, you know I support what you're doing, teaching me the ropes I ain't ever going truant Whether you're in them streets or in them books Raising them kids or singing them hooks I love to see a woman at work, studying for that GRE Go and get that master's degree, then it's on to that PhD I love it when you in the court room beating those cases Or writing a prescription when I got me a headache I love it when you speak your mind Tell me when I'm wrong especially when you're right Making the dean's list while you go out for the night  I love it when you love yourself,  Heart skips a beat, can’t contain myself Girl you know, girl you know I love the way you do it! Girl, tell me how you do it! All these black mothers All these Black Queens Should never be behind the scenes You are God’s gift straight from the mother land Queens of nations she don’t need no other man Ms. Ebony! Beautiful skin that shines in the light Goddess by day, Goddess by night Ms. Ebony! I love your skin, I love your soul When you got black, who needs gold? Ms. Ebony you got me going If a song’s about you it can keep me flowing When it comes to the grind, y’all don’t play Like those AKAs back in ‘08 You know that it had to be said Black looks good in Delta Red Girl, go ahead and forget them haters Fly like a Dove, just like the Zetas Beautiful just like a rose Rock that gold like a S G Rho Don’t get it twisted Black is still Divine Even if it ain’t part of the Nine but even if you ain’t in the class Understand you still bad That’s bad in the best way  Forget what the rest say Cause they all want to be just like you Want their lips like you and their backs like you Even trying to dance like you Even trying to dress like you So baby girl stay you Baby girl stay you They all talk that good game but don’t let them play you Cause you run the world, you got the power The world on your shoulders every single hour I can feel that fire in your soul Black so ageless it can’t get old Look how beautiful you are Whether you’re a daughter, or a sister, or a mother We love you all, cause there ain’t no other Ms. Ebony! Love yourself like nobody else Don’t worry about nobody else! Ms. Ebony! I love your skin, and I love your soul When you got Black, who needs gold? Ms. Ebony! You know what they say, “Black don’t crack." “Once you go black, you can’t go back." “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice." Well, Imma need a drink soon Cause the thirst is real, and so is this love All this Blackness a gift from above Misogyny ends here! Life begins here! Cause you raise all these babies life couldn’t happen without the ladies  Cleopatra and Nefertiti Ain’t got nothing on Ms. Ebony Ubuntu and sisi ni moja Who runs the world? I already told ya I would let the beat go, but I have a lot to say This right here for Ms. Ebony So I had to do it for you! I had to do it for you Yeah you know I love you I can’t get enough of you This song may get no heat, but it don’t really matter to me That don’t make it any less true This is a dedication from me to you Ms. Ebony! Black is beautiful one time Black is beautiful two times Ms. Ebony! I love you and your soul, when you got black who needs gold? Ms Ebony! She don't want no scrubs, scrub is a guy who can't get no love from her... 
13 See A Vision (Produced by Dizzee Beats) *Act Like You're Talking to A Producer* See they ask me where I been at / where I been? / If I made this song with Lee, I would've been Ballin' / but I ain't no shot caller / I don't drive no impala / I rock the Dodge Charger / plus my pockets a lil smaller / I been praying everyday / thank the Lord that my spirit here to stay / I hear shots in the night, they ain't have it my way / they trust and respect the shooter / they all learned from the streets cause we can't afford a tutor / but the one in front of the gun now lives forever / he finds peace and the family just trynna keep it together / what a juxtaposition / I ain't in no position to explain the pain / nor the Lord's mission, listen / I come to you humble, clear speak, no mumble / I ain't the type to sit here and play with y'all / I came in this game to rap my tail off / they ask how I get this money, "is rap the source" / I don't even gotta reply, but I say "of course" Second Verse / call the hearse / aint you heard? / I spit Gospel, and that's Word / Man I'm out in Houston, someone call Rap-a-lot / if it comes to selling my soul, I'd rather not / but I heard it pays / man its better than staying / 40 thou in debt Sallie Mae ain't playin / buy momma a house, buy momma a car / straight to direct deposit so the money ain't too far / Even thought of selling hard white just to get my momma right / tried using credit just to pay off debt / went to college just to end up rap / yeah, just to end up in rap I'll give you the heat until you laying cold (winter is coming) / mortuary flow so please don't get to acting bold / See I'm back on the attack these days / most people won't rap this way / put my city on the map this day / Cause I really do, I really got it / but I ain't stealing no hook!! / I ain't selling no wolves / why would I sell when I spit that dope? / when I got them fiends? / when I dream them dreams / of sending sixteen shots to my enemies / see my words is ammunition / see when they see me, they see ambition, they see a vision /
14 - No More Games Oh! I'm tired of y'all playing with me. If you got haters say it with me. "If you ain't on my team, or you ain't with me. Get out my face or best believe you get this heat!" Oh! This is not a game to me. This is more than the fame for me. I been working too long and working too hard for to y'all just to go ahead take it from me! Oh! Y'all better act right! Oh Lord it's gon be a long night! I'm from the city where things get crazy, and I hang with some dudes that are a little shady. Oh! I'm trynna make a million maaaan! I ain't gonna lose faaam! All want is a million dollars and a chance, Aye I got flows that will put you in a trance. Oh! I'm just saying that I'm not playing. I got Soul, I got Desire. Welcome to The Jungle, I set the game on fire. I'm aiming even higher then y'all you suckas. Can't escape the sound cause I'm causing a Ruckus. Ain't no relation, hardly any friends, cause you the only one getting buried in the end. They could care less about you son. Either I take it all or y'all get none. It ain't for fun when I dawn hundred Cuban links around my neck. You know I keeps a Cuban Lynx around My neck. Just playing she Puerto Rican. Te amo forever and beyond! From the east to the west they know I'm on. Yo, I told y'all that on Canto I! Oh! No More Games, I really ain’t playing! From the school of hard knocks, I’m going to the top and Until I get there I ain't gonna stop. Oh! Say what my name is! Don’t worry its painless. Sorry I can’t say the same for my rhymes man it's a shame see i’m just cold and this ain't a game. Oh! I really ain’t sorry bout it. I warned y’all to worry bout it! Y’all didn’t listen so you gotta pay the penance, understand I am a menace. Oh! Man y'all don't get. Please just quit it. I know we all got dreams we all got desire, but I've set the bar. Oh! And it can't get higher, I set the game on fire. Dante couldn't write about this inferno. These consuming flames, let me tell you how this is not a game. Let me tell you how the times have changed. O tempora! O more! What you know about ya homies packing that action to get pass the masses that try to put in the graves and caskets wouldn't even trigger the electro magnets? I used to walk the school halls every single day, Knowing that I'd make it someday The key to it is to stop playing games Get a little better every single day Everybody turn up! Everybody turn up! They don't all out in the work though, They ain't used to sleeping on the Earth no. They don't really want it, they wanna play games! Tell me, are you gonna be the same?
15 Put My Soul In It (Produced by Dizzee Beats) I remember when I found myself, I made a bad first impression / that day I learned a lesson / don't trust the man in the mirror if you don't know his intentions / man I just need some reflection / man I just need some attention / both in rap and in actual life / see I need me a woman, like an actual wife / I need me some friends that are actually tight / I need to know if my path is actually right / that's just a fantasy / the problem ain't me how can it be? / I put my faith in the Lord / I'm charged up in in tuned with the Source / Speed Force, I'm running this thing / y'all heard the last track I ain't playing no games / I can literally see my GRAMMY so please remember my name / I just want to live / I just want to make it / Canto II, the story ain't fading / what do you know? / not much really / whats the burden you carry? / man, my city /what do you want? / to put my soul in it / put my put my soul in it / My soul in this game / Tsang Sung ain't got nothing on me / get over here let me talk to you / I don't rock diamonds but let me rock with you / listen I know I got a long way to go / these raps ain't that nice, but that's just the roll with the dice sometimes / I rap with my heart / I write with my mind / my master's aint in rap so please be gentle / just a man from the South with a heart of a bengal / eye of the tiger if you ain't know / Where I'm from, we don't get snow / I know boys in all red who brought the North Pole / I ain't talking an old white man / I'm saying to feed they babies they had to sell white man / now speaking of crinack/ girl I'm a fiend for ya bring that thang brinak/ let's live in the moment, don't talk to me / girl open up don't be a wall to me /open up the gate I need a blessing / get close to me girl, Let me feel your essence / she said, "boy stop playing" / she ask me what I want, I saying I just want to live / I just want to make it / Canto II, the story ain't fading / what do you know? / not much really / whats the burden you carry? / man, my city /what do you want? / to put my soul in it / put my put my soul in it / Iconic but I'm not a scammer / I got the heat, don't need a hammer / renaissance man, more than just a rapper-actor / do my thing so good I could make Tomhi Lahren say Black Lives Matter / im so good, I'm so live / you two-three, I'm four-five / that's the six upside down now / when the money come they gon try be around now / I ain't OVO but they gon hear my sound sound sound sound / they always want another round now / best believe I'm a provider / I drive this thing home man, I'm more than a rider / I drafted my own dream man, I'm more than a writer / I'm my momma'S son I'm more than a fighter / gotta increase my stamina /nah you can't ever have enough / my heart in this game until it stops beating / this game need a healer and imma start treating / even do house calls 24-7 you can call me / one man team that's all me / gon take two now call me in the morning / killed that thing good now we all in mourning /
16 - Interlude: Should You Tell Them? Or Should I? Here you are, tonight you die in the same place you were born. You look so beautiful in your all white. The irony baby girl, does nothing to heal my broken heart. You see it only seems like yesterday when your mother dropped you off at my doorstep. Never have I loved a woman so much who didn't love me back, still like the fool that I am I took you in and raised you as my own dear daughter. Day after day the joy you instilled joy in me, the way your golden skin glowed in the light, the way your perfectly curled hair would flow every time you jumped into my arms, and the way your hazel eyes looked at me like the way I wish your mother would, all of that kept me from hating the world out of a broken heart. You alone mended my heart, and everyone that you encountered felt the way I did. Everyday someone would ask you, "Where do you get all of your joy from young lady?" and you would always reply, "Daddy, should you tell them, or should I?" My beautiful baby girl, you give joy, that is your gift. Even in your passing, you don't let death overcome your joy. Your childlike wonder makes even the most dedicated nonbeliever believe in something, even if it's only in you. You see, because even as your father, I worship the ground you walk on, because you, you are my life. Tonight, my life will end. There is not another beginning, there will be no doors that will open after this, this is it, you will leave me and I believe you will go on to someplace much better than where I will continue to reside. All I will have are our memories of seven short years. So as I sit, with tears running down my face and as the anger, hate, and sadness you suppressed for all of these years begin to claw at my throat and devour my heart, I can see in your beautiful eyes your life leaving you and my love leaving me. Still for some reason, as you leave, so does all the hate, all the darkness, all of the sadness, wrath, and fear. Because I have you in my memories and in m heart. As I shed more tears in one moment than I have in my entire lifetime I can't help but smile at the memories you've created for me. The doctor approaches me, and asks, "Young man, in this moment, where do you find your joy?" Naturally, I look to you and ask, "Baby girl, should you tell him or should I?"
17 Stand (Produced by Sean Divine) It's been a while since basic training / all my memories of you playing / on the swing set / baby girl I ain't expect you to get so big yet / i hate that I'm missing this time with you / baby girl I gotta lay it on the line with you / what I'm doing I'm doing for the safety of my country / protecting you from the people that hunt me / you hearing that this war aint necessary / if it means protecting you. It's a burden I'll surely carry / I may not look the same if I come back to you / may be hard to face you I may have to keep my back to you / I may not be able to hold you with both arms / as long as I'm here I know you're safe from harm / how's mommy? I hope y'all are making memories I'd be jealous of / when I get back I'm keep you to myself with this jealous love Baby girl, love of my life / hopefully I can make it home in one piece let alone alive / I know you taking good care of house and home / you a soldier yourself how you hold it down alone / you're perfect in every sense of the word / I'm doing okay, I'm surviving thank you for your concern / try your best to live your life while I'm gone / cause If I don't make home you gotta continue on / continue fighting harder than I ever could Playing Mom and Dad carrying burdens I know I should Understand, We fighting for our life I’m a soldier I'm fighting for my life Weapon in hand, I gotta make the world safe As the mother I see the pain in your face Don’t you wait for me, don’t you stay for me I’m saying no matter if I make it home I pray love finds its way to you and you’re never alone
18 - Gnosis Yeah a celebration is what this is I’m about go ahead, I’m bout to get it in Cause a beat and a mic is all I need To get the party started and everybody on they feet Understand, this is not a game, I don’t do this for clothes I don’t do this for girls I don’t do this for money I do this for the world I do this, I do this I do this so well This is Hip-Hop, all knockouts, no saved by the bell First verse and already you hooked I’m steady grinding while the haters steady look Keep looking, I’m booking my flight to the top Imma keep it flying and it aint gonna stop I know that you know that I know you ain’t real I know that you know that I know what’s real I know that you know that I know y’all faking You know that I know that you know Imma make it I do not play around with this game boy. This is not Nintendo put away your GameBoy. Before that thing get snatched just before your life. They got killers out here while you steady ignoramus. Understand this voice is famous. Give it five years and bet that throne will be for the taking. Promise on my Word Imma take it. Promise on my Word Imma take it. I know that you know that I know you ain’t real I know that you know that I know what’s real I know that you know that I know y’all faking You know that I know that you know Imma make it Best believe me I proclaim I can do it. It’s coming at me before I even knew it. This game a foreign language and Lord I am fluent. Now you talking my language, now you talking my language. Let me stop taking bites before I eat the whole plate. Cause I’m starving for the top and I just can’t wait. I know that you know that I know you ain’t real I know that you know that I know what’s real I know that you know that I know y’all faking You know that I know that you know Imma make it Imma make It true! Imma make it true! This is my kingdom. Yes I am a phenom. If rap was a sport, I’d have an undefeated Season. If rap stays alive, I’d be the one and only reason. Call it a resurrection, the reflection of perfection. Every beat that’s in hiding gonna need some protection. There are not many like me, I’m a trend-setter. I refuse to apologize just for being better. Getting money to put in my Italian leather. You know I’m flying High so try to catch my feathers. I’m the type that wants it all, so I take it. This a gift from God, grace so amazing. No days off, you could never call me lazy. I got a few soldiers, but trust they are crazy. Staying too busy, I run this kingdom daily. This the type of song that will get you out your seat. This the type of song that will keep you on your feet. This they type of song that you keep on repeat. I’m that dude that murders every beat. Then Clean the scene up wash my hands at the least. You already know Imma do big things. A HALL of fame? No I want my own WING!
19 - Revolution #SayTheirNames It’s a REVOLUTION/ Understand, I got a plan/ Grab your girls and grab ya mans/ We buy back all the land they done stole/ Fill it with our people that makes it whole/ Understand, I ain’t never been the person to tell no lie/ I just been the one to get yours while I get mine/ Now I just drop it on they head, drop, drop it on they head/ They sleeping on the boy, I bury ‘Em in the bed/ I ain’t trippin on no colonizers/ Franz and Malcolm words magnified/ I’m just trynna make a city on a hill/ Somebody gotta do it, who needs to make a mil?/ I could spend on me, or spend on we/ Hit the floor with the gas on E/ As long as we get there, I don’t care how/ We been forgotten too long, our time is now/ #SayTheirNames Its a REVOLUTION We’re the new prey/ Every time I think of my people, I make sure to pray/ We dying on a daily, death the new norm/ My son turn into a hashtag before he even born/ Say Their Names like they never left/ If I gotta live without them, Imma live my best/ This the spiritual successor to track three/ I ain’t worried bout you feelin’ it, this how it must be/ Imma bring the words etched on my heart/ transfer to this pen that’s more than a start/ enslaved us on the land we built, then tore us apart/ stolen everything from us, they closing on the art/ They care about Black money but not Black lives/ Black Lives Matter imma say till I die So why, I gotta be the bad guy? I’m just here for my people, ain’t gotta ask why. If you need clarification, It’s a Revolution get ya battle stations. #SayTheirNames It’s a REVOLUTION Man it’s insane I heard the talented tenth gone save us These undercover prophets, trust I done made them Vision compromised That soul you feel inside I’m the type that gets deep before I get wide No need for disciples when God in ya self Dying for ya spirit aint suffer for ya health What’s the true source of wealth? (x2)
21 - Broken Mirror Yeah — mind slow, I been sipping just to make my mind go I been sipping at the thought of you I been thinking, “what I gotta do” You been comparing me to the past one One mistake later you comparing me to the next one I’m just trynna be the best one I’m wondering what I gotta do for you, do to ya showing how I prove to ya, how I move to ya, I gotta make a move to ya You more than a body that I like, and I like so well. You not a object I can show and tell Irony is you want love that I show and tell. Well . . . Gotta do what I gotta a do and do it again Do it enough times, it become a sin Living in complacency not living within Get it right a few times, get it wrong more trynna learn the right steps before I hit the floor Hit the ground running; make something outta nothing All I know there something right here when we’re together trust there’s no fear Intimate matters on the hush hush so Broken mirror pieces in the hardwood floor All I ever saw was a Broken Mirror baby All I ever knew was a shattered image baby See I know that you’re good, I know that you’re special Share all your pain, you know that I’ll let you Carry your burden, carry your pain Carry your mind before you lose it again This whole time you think I’m talking to you, Even when the mirror broken all to see is you So in the end, all this pain I’ve caused I’m trying to fix now, put all this on pause Put all this on me, why can’t I see That this whole time I’ve been looking at me So understand baby you’ve been putting this on yourself When I couldn’t find a good reflection of my self My own self worth I couldn’t find fast I spent our whole lives comparing our past See, a Dangerous mind creates dangerous thoughts I never could make the self-doubt stop I couldn’t suspend the disbelief in myself. I could never invest in my self wealth Self worth my networth, liquidate the network Alone with the art, solitude my best work There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.
22 - Money (Produced by Tellingbeatzz) Never knew wealth only knew blessings See a gift from God was the fixings and the dressing Never into dancing with the Devil, but I’d hit a whip ‘fore I hit a lick Honestly, would’ve flipped a brick, but being behind bars would make my momma sick Finessing my collections with credit, can’t afford legal fees Already chained to my pennies, might never get free Can’t see the light of day, these bags in my eyes Can’t even sleep at night, my heart beat is high I’m just trying to get by, I’m just trying to get by I’m tired of the stress, I’m tired of the heart attacks Just trynna make enough to pay my momma back Held it down on her own ‘fore I was even running tracks Praying to the Lord, trust I need more . . . I want it, I need it, I’m fiending, I want some more Dreams of paying off that student loan, I’m in my zone This ink from this pen gonna get me from rent to own Got a game plan for these mills, mind like Jigga man Ye said you ain’t got it till you got eight figures man All I need is seven for this God given dream Heart ain’t evil but account looking mean What you see? Open my eyes, look at the lies They teach us we free, then sever all ties Whether saggin’ or wearing ties They kill us cause we ain’t got the wealth To buy politicians that look like ourself What’s health? What’s wealth? They say our family makes us rich What happens when they starve and our palms still itch? Beautiful babies feeling that burning in their core Still praying to the Lord, trust I need some more . . .
23 - August 13, 2018 (1:51pm) [Produced by Tellingbeatz] No Love (x4) No love for the crooks, no love for the schemers, no love for the scammers, no love for the haters No love for those that wanna see me down no love for tyrants, no love for the crown no love lost, no love found, This aint a sad song, not one to cry to not on my time, this track too fly to— sit around and contemplate, i’ll give it to you straight I want all my retribution don’t sit around and wait there ain’t no confusion see, I got studios that want to see me fail, same dude that almost got my girl sent to jail I got friends that missed the hospital visit, they see me in person, now they crying— how fitting momma can’t align with me guess I was a stale phase took less than a year to trade me for a pale face they want to come for my character they want me erased but I ain’t got an editor but this ain’t a novel son, I’m a novel son Ain’t the same kid who used to rock the braids like Iverson, 10 years ago I was focused on varsity blues Letterman’s, scholarships and girls of different hues Now I’m focused on myself, got a plan, a schedule, and a blank shelf need that full before I die, oh my wait, bury them with me i can’t guarantee, that people coming out to see ya boy E I burned bridges I ain’t trynna rebuild I always invest where love don’t yield Damn, maybe its me Maybe I’m exactly who was trying not to be look in the mirror don’t like what I see fighting the thoughts that taking over me I know right from wrong, good from evil they the ones lost, but I need retrieval on the real I’m pissed on the real I’m pressed honestly this much more than stress I’m in a void lost the only lifeline i had since a boy the only connection to my identity my blood aint right these veins aint fitting me learned this year that my people don’t want me falling off the edge but trust I caught me back to the problem at hand, mom got a man pitting her against me, and damn it I’m losing birth of a nation, he calling me aggressive she say its confusing thought she’d always have my back, but i guess not forever that day I learned solitude was the answer Look, I’m giving y’all me, all of me no holding back I want all to see things I love, and things I sacrifice I ain’t even rich yet, but I’m losing my half-life look what about my girl? she hold me down, wave caps to a curl she deserve a ring, but I ain’t got it like that she ain’t shallow but she prolly aint waiting like that I need a deal but these labels is leeches I’m trynna be in the conversation not be in the bleachers Irony is I’m trynna come back to Toyota Sold out the seats, popcorn, and the soda play my songs, sing my words right my wrongs, bring my verse I just, I just, I just wanna be loved never really felt that even from above Damn, I’m tired and exhausted 24 years of this its a wonder I ain’t lost it look, i just need, i just need, i just need, i just need just need something to live for pray all the time but maybe God won’t hear more I just need to heal more, but the thief in the night all he want to do is steal more i don’t want to seal my fate, looking for therapy but it might be too late i’ve buried the pain, deaded the emotions i’m a euro step away from the pills and the potions witchcraft brewing i’m already consuming spirits lust for life i do it for the taste and the feeling… do it for the taste and the feeling i feel, i feel, i feel—lost lost in my mind, am i wrong or am i right does it or I matter? do I lose the war just to win the battle? gotta unpack my mind does too much travel insert a damn good closing line here, blessed to say that there’s still love here blessed to say that I’m still here blessed to say that know love
24 - January 17, 2019 (9:03pm) [Produced by Tellingbeatz] [Spoken Intro] 3 out of 5 for that I’m too live They know not what they do and they won’t let die But I — not one to play with, not one to stay with, Not one to lose the heart and soul that he came with can’t let that fade, nah I don’t play, this the only way out the hell that I made Now, I — know what it’s like — to live and die for the city on a hill Coming to grips, coming to heel, I know my mind and soul need the most time to heal Can you feel it? Is it real? The fire on ya tongue, I know I like the taste of it, I’m ice cold tonight, let us not make waste of it one of eight resurrected you don’t know who ya playing with All good for the ‘gram but do you trust who you slaying with All I know Is I gotta let go I decided not to let the fear take over I decided not to stop until I say it’s over Know I want to fight on the front lines Know I still gotta make studio time Yeah I love my people, they the greatest Yeah I love this art, that I created Yeah I want it all, trust I’m praying Yeah I want it all, is all I’m saying I’m fighting— two identities Problem is they both the real me I’m trynna lift my hands for the fight I want y’all to lift ya hands for the night At 25 I realized, that this life— Too short, very short Imma tell you what I want I don’t wanna hear no retort Gotta get it how I live, gotta get it for my kids, Gotta get it for my girl, gotta get it, make her world Gotta get it for my moms, spent her life holding it down All I know, gotta get it I can’t stop, Never dying till I meet Barack, never dying till I get to know Hov, Drake, Kenny, Meek, Game, Ricky, Nicki, Cardi, Wale, Lu, Royce, Black Thought, Killer Mike, Jay Rock, Push, Nas, and Cole.


released March 25, 2019

Written and Performed by Eric Washington

Produced by NY Bangers

Produced by Essential Music Alliance

Produced by Dizzee Beats

Produced by DJ DropShock

Produced by Sean Divine

Produced by EPIK The Dawn

Produced by Tellingbeatzz

Produced by Platinum Sellers Beats


all rights reserved


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