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Stay Alive - Single

by Eric Washington



I stand before you today
Not as a man, but a soul
Not as a vessel but as the gift bestowed upon me.
I am what we are.
I am what the higher powers envisioned me to be.
I am what fate has decided.
I am the story that was written.
Eons ago my path was set, all I had to do was follow.
All I have to do is listen to my calling.
All we have to do is live a little longer.
All we have to do is fight a little longer.
We will have the Lord's promise.
We are the chosen.
We are the beloved.
We are not cursed.
We are not destined to live under rule of oppression.

We are the ones in which God gave his first impression
First with the message
Then what is destined
With the forces
I endorsed it
No contortion
No remorses
I flow with the motion
I don't need the magic potion
Get under the skin no need for lotion
This is coaching
I saved the game y'all just poaching
Call me arson this the torching
I'm not playing
I'm just saying

We gon’ stay alive
Baby we too live
Strike up the match we lit
In the suit I'm fit
Throw it at me imma catch it
Another round I'm back at it
Back at it in the back room
Whoa that thing fat gimme room
Throwing hands, throwing bands
Where I'm from that's a dance
Where I'm from there's no chance
Unless you ballin or going to college
Now we got rappers and Instagram models
Now we got shottas, now we got callers
Mess with the dogs unhook all the collars
Man my city done changed
Man my city ain't the same
Back to my devious flow
Back to previous love
I blow proportions
I aced the courses
Flows so tight no need for corsets
Always eating no need for grocers
I eat way past good portions
Momma hustled hard even through divorces
Man I'm running this thing
Man I'm gunning this thing
No one more cunning than me
Coach ain't never cutting me
We gon’ stay Alive
We gon’ stay alive
Real ones don't die, we multiply
They spend time just to spend a killing
But they ain't got the fighting force or spirit
Prayers to the Lord he hear it
Destined to stay alive, and I know you feel it


released August 18, 2017
Produced by Trooh Hippi (airbit.com/profile/TroohHippi)
Written by Eric Washington (smarturl.it/z8t0k1)
Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko/mix-pitch-correct-and-master-your-song?funnel=594249af-9ffd-4577-a806-60bb37271135)


all rights reserved