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19​/​26 | Revolution (#SayTheirNames) [Produced By Platinum Sellers Beats]

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



19 - Revolution


Understand, I got a plan/
Grab your girls and grab ya mans/
We buy back all the land they done stole/
Fill it with our people that makes it whole/
Understand, I ain’t never been the person to tell no lie/
I just been the one to get yours while I get mine/
Now I just drop it on they head, drop, drop it on they head/
They sleeping on the boy, I bury ‘Em in the bed/
I ain’t trippin on no colonizers/
Franz and Malcolm words magnified/
I’m just trynna make a city on a hill/
Somebody gotta do it, who needs to make a mil?/
I could spend on me, or spend on we/
Hit the floor with the gas on E/
As long as we get there, I don’t care how/
We been forgotten too long, our time is now/


We’re the new prey/
Every time I think of my people, I make sure to pray/
We dying on a daily, death the new norm/
My son turn into a hashtag before he even born/
Say Their Names like they never left/
If I gotta live without them, Imma live my best/
This the spiritual successor to track three/
I ain’t worried bout you feelin’ it, this how it must be/
Imma bring the words etched on my heart/
transfer to this pen that’s more than a start/
enslaved us on the land we built, then tore us apart/
stolen everything from us, they closing on the art/
They care about Black money but not Black lives/
Black Lives Matter imma say till I die
So why, I gotta be the bad guy?
I’m just here for my people, ain’t gotta ask why.
If you need clarification,
It’s a Revolution get ya battle stations.


Man it’s insane
I heard the talented tenth gone save us
These undercover prophets, trust I done made them
Vision compromised
That soul you feel inside
I’m the type that gets deep before I get wide
No need for disciples when God in ya self
Dying for ya spirit aint suffer for ya health
What’s the true source of wealth? (x2)


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written By: Eric M. Washington (bit.ly/2CXTRvN)

Produced By: Platinum Sellers Beats

Engineered By: Andrey Paschenko


all rights reserved


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