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14​/​26 | No More Games [Produced By Dizzee Beats]

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



14 - No More Games

I'm tired of y'all playing with me.
If you got haters say it with me.
"If you ain't on my team, or you ain't with me. Get out my face or best believe you get this heat!"
This is not a game to me.
This is more than the fame for me.
I been working too long and working too hard for to y'all just to go ahead take it from me!
Y'all better act right!
Oh Lord it's gon be a long night!
I'm from the city where things get crazy, and I hang with some dudes that are a little shady.
I'm trynna make a million maaaan!
I ain't gonna lose faaam!
All want is a million dollars and a chance, Aye I got flows that will put you in a trance.
I'm just saying that I'm not playing.
I got Soul, I got Desire.
Welcome to The Jungle, I set the game on fire.
I'm aiming even higher then y'all you suckas.
Can't escape the sound cause I'm causing a Ruckus.
Ain't no relation, hardly any friends, cause you the only one getting buried in the end.
They could care less about you son.
Either I take it all or y'all get none.
It ain't for fun when I dawn hundred Cuban links around my neck.
You know I keeps a Cuban Lynx around My neck.
Just playing she Puerto Rican.
Te amo forever and beyond!
From the east to the west they know I'm on.
Yo, I told y'all that on Canto I!

No More Games, I really ain’t playing!
From the school of hard knocks, I’m going to the top and Until I get there I ain't gonna stop.
Say what my name is! Don’t worry its painless.
Sorry I can’t say the same for my rhymes man it's a shame see i’m just cold and this ain't a game.
I really ain’t sorry bout it. I warned y’all to worry bout it!
Y’all didn’t listen so you gotta pay the penance, understand I am a menace.
Man y'all don't get. Please just quit it.
I know we all got dreams we all got desire, but I've set the bar.

And it can't get higher, I set the game on fire.
Dante couldn't write about this inferno.
These consuming flames, let me tell you how this is not a game.
Let me tell you how the times have changed.
O tempora! O more!
What you know about ya homies packing that action to get pass the masses that try to put in the graves and caskets wouldn't even trigger the electro magnets?
I used to walk the school halls every single day,
Knowing that I'd make it someday
The key to it is to stop playing games
Get a little better every single day
Everybody turn up!
Everybody turn up!
They don't all out in the work though,
They ain't used to sleeping on the Earth no.
They don't really want it, they wanna play games!
Tell me, are you gonna be the same?


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric Washington

Produced by Dizzee Beats (www.soundclick.com/bands/default.c…?bandID=1190759)

Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko)

Samples Include:
"My Philosophy" by Boogie Down Productions (www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1vKOchATXs)

"Bring The Noise" by Public Enemy


all rights reserved


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