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12​/​26 | Ms. Ebony (Produced By Dizzee Beats)

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



12 - Ms. Ebony (Produced by Dizzee Beats)

Ms. Ebony!
With your natural hair, and your black fist raised in the air!
Ms. Ebony!
I love your skin, I love your soul
When you got black, who needs gold? 
Ms. Ebony! 

This ain’t a song with all that drama, this for black women, this for black mamas
Y’all the reason for this track 
I'm loving you in all that black, and you know ain't talking about that dress
Girl best believe I'm talking about the best: MELANIN
Feel so good rolling off the tongue, you got power even when you're young 
Girl, you know I support what you're doing, teaching me the ropes I ain't ever going truant
Whether you're in them streets or in them books
Raising them kids or singing them hooks
I love to see a woman at work, studying for that GRE
Go and get that master's degree, then it's on to that PhD
I love it when you in the court room beating those cases
Or writing a prescription when I got me a headache
I love it when you speak your mind
Tell me when I'm wrong especially when you're right
Making the dean's list while you go out for the night 
I love it when you love yourself, 
Heart skips a beat, can’t contain myself
Girl you know, girl you know
I love the way you do it!
Girl, tell me how you do it!
All these black mothers
All these Black Queens
Should never be behind the scenes
You are God’s gift straight from the mother land
Queens of nations she don’t need no other man

Ms. Ebony!
Beautiful skin that shines in the light
Goddess by day, Goddess by night
Ms. Ebony!
I love your skin, I love your soul
When you got black, who needs gold?

Ms. Ebony you got me going
If a song’s about you it can keep me flowing
When it comes to the grind, y’all don’t play
Like those AKAs back in ‘08
You know that it had to be said
Black looks good in Delta Red
Girl, go ahead and forget them haters
Fly like a Dove, just like the Zetas
Beautiful just like a rose
Rock that gold like a S G Rho
Don’t get it twisted Black is still Divine
Even if it ain’t part of the Nine
but even if you ain’t in the class
Understand you still bad
That’s bad in the best way 
Forget what the rest say
Cause they all want to be just like you
Want their lips like you and their backs like you
Even trying to dance like you
Even trying to dress like you
So baby girl stay you
Baby girl stay you
They all talk that good game
but don’t let them play you
Cause you run the world, you got the power
The world on your shoulders every single hour
I can feel that fire in your soul
Black so ageless it can’t get old
Look how beautiful you are
Whether you’re a daughter, or a sister, or a mother
We love you all, cause there ain’t no other

Ms. Ebony!
Love yourself like nobody else
Don’t worry about nobody else!
Ms. Ebony!
I love your skin, and I love your soul
When you got Black, who needs gold?
Ms. Ebony!

You know what they say, “Black don’t crack."
“Once you go black, you can’t go back."
“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."
Well, Imma need a drink soon
Cause the thirst is real, and so is this love
All this Blackness a gift from above
Misogyny ends here!
Life begins here!
Cause you raise all these babies
life couldn’t happen without the ladies 
Cleopatra and Nefertiti
Ain’t got nothing on Ms. Ebony
Ubuntu and sisi ni moja
Who runs the world?
I already told ya
I would let the beat go, but I have a lot to say
This right here for Ms. Ebony
So I had to do it for you!
I had to do it for you
Yeah you know I love you
I can’t get enough of you
This song may get no heat, but it don’t really matter to me
That don’t make it any less true
This is a dedication from me to you

Ms. Ebony!
Black is beautiful one time
Black is beautiful two times
Ms. Ebony!
I love you and your soul, when you got black who needs gold?
Ms Ebony!

She don't want no scrubs, scrub is a guy who can't get no love from her... 


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric M. Washington

Produced by Dizzee Beats (dizzeebeats.com)

Engineered by Michael Edington (soundcloud.com/burningbelowzero)

Remastered by Jeff "DJ DropShock" Girdler (soundcloud.com/djdropshock)

***Dedicated to Every Black Woman in The World***


all rights reserved


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