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10​/​26 | When I Make It (Produced by Essential Music Alliance)

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



10 When I Make It… If I Make It (Produced by Essential Music Alliance)

If I make it, Imma take you all with me.
If I make it I want to take the Lord with me.
I just want my family fed, 
We all living lavish sleeping in our own beds.
I ain’t got the heart to fail!
I ain’t got the courage to crawl back home and tell,
that my dream was deferred.
Just another rhymer who’s sole name went unheard.
regardless imma still give ‘em me!
this is my soul and only I release thee!
Only I allow myself to take the long walk home.
I ain’t got the heart to tell my mother we gotta leave home.
See this is where I thrive, this isn’t how I die.
I got music to make, poems to rhyme.
This is a gifted take, a blessing in disguise.
Stairway to Heaven, The Lord is my guide.

Wondering if I really want this, or just to be valued?
Look in the mirror ask if I really found you.
Will this art be considered as such?
Will this be for the taking if I’ve given much?
Just another twenty-something with a SoundCloud, 
Knowing I hardly got what it takes to please a real crowd.
However, I know I got a message, all it takes is to listen.
To get the word out there I know is my mission.
It ain’t about the check, it ain’t about the chain,
It ain’t even about the crowd saying my name.
It’s the love of the art, the beats and the rhymes.
The bass of the heart, the treble of the mind. 
This is Hip-Hop and we do not play.
To MC is a responsibility, not a privileged pathway.
So as long as I keep it true, 
I know one day imma make it soon.

Back at it, I'm back at it / these days are slowly fading / these dreams are slowly waving / goodbye, they're leaving me behind / I gotta catch up, I gotta give chase / this rap game is staring me right in the face / and I can't lie, yeah I'm afraid / my time is coming close / my picture in a frame / but I can't die before I go platinum / they want the beat beat, yeah ill smack em / they want to take my soul, nah I ain't bout it / They say I ain't gonna make it, but I doubt it /listen, I'm steady on a mission / content a little more thinker / and they say blood and water don't mix / but when things get tough the family got a fix (got a fix) / I used to pray to Lord for some better days / All I ask is for my momma to be hella paid / maybe I'm the source, her way up / if that then I know I can't ever give up / I seen my momma struggle, paycheck to paycheck / if I get a Millie it's payback to payback / I ain't gonna stop until she laid back on laid back / See, job after job in her resume / best thing she ever did was raising me /


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric M. Washington

Produced by Essential Music Alliance

Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko/)


all rights reserved


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