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06​/​26 | Sinatra (Produced by NY Bangers)

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



06 - Sinatra

Yeah, God flow.
Paint a picture like a young Pablo Picasso.
Cole said that, I trynna get where Cole heads at.
I'm trynna get what going on in his mental.
I'm trynna spit like what's coming out his dental.
On my way down, got a crooked smile.
I want heads of dead prez, I said: I want heads of dead prez.
Nothing else, I swear y'all something else.
I'm ready to talk about it, I swear y'all just talk about it.
I'm just speaking from the Soul. I swear nobody want it more.
Wait I'm missing a little something, but I can make a flow outta nothing.
We have the Young Sinatra but where is the Logic?
Ironically I'm splitting your tomato with a dash oblangata, got a bad tempered woman but she ain't Italiana.
Recipe so good you'll say Mia after Momma.
Now I'm back on my New York again, sometimes the mic is how I absolve all the sins.
Everybody has their own, sometimes it's the gin, sometimes it's the win, sometimes it's the yin, sometimes it's the kin, sometimes...
Sometimes it's all you got, and we treat it like honor and harbor, like a degree from Harvard.
Show it off to everybody or keep it to yourself, but then it becomes your only source of wealth and mental health, until it supersedes your respect for designer.
Healing good, healing better, but we misunderstood.
Misunderstood like the previous lines before thee But it ain't really art without a without a way to provide a key so you can see the various dynamics that can present themselves before thee.
Vision blurry, see my third eye blind so I can't see from the mind to get what is mine, but it is all fine, like fine wine, something red to go along while I dine.
But this just the appetizer, imma need my battleizer.
They say it was simpler when we were young, but not the way we grew up.
Some of us had to zip the work before the house blew up.
Some of us had to risk losing our mommas 'fore we grew up.
Some of us, got kids before we 30.
Some of us, college educated from the dirty.
Some of us, built it from the ground up.
Y'all just steal 10 grand from the community.
Y'all make a logo just to put on a hoodie.
Y'all make a studio just to play 2k.
Y'all only call for a ride these days.
Y'all know who you are, trust I studied.
Pulled an all nightier, then hit the ground running.
Burn the hoodies with the flame on them.
Imma rock the chain on them.
Then break it in front of the crowd, show em that this black man only wears crowns.
See, I got the world on a string.
Wrapped around my finger, I always kiss the ring.

Y'all take money from ya city to buy iMacs with it / Y'all rather pay to perform, yo I ain't with it / they call it sneak disses when you just letting them know / next time get a better hype man for ya shows / that's something anybody can relate / but if ya J's fit wear it if they not fake / so I can stomp on them boys while you pull the metal out / went to A&M but I can bring the ghetto out / take the bullet to the teeth like I got the glow / foam pros on my feet id even walk through snow / cause it's a cold world, real cold world / wow 2 Cole bites in one track? / aye, mixed southern rappers gotta have each other's back /


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric Washington (www.ericwashington.net)

Produced by NY Bangers (www.newyorkbangers.com)

Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko)


all rights reserved


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