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05​/​26 | Always Be​.​.​. (Produced by NY Bangers)

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



05 - Always Be . . .

You know I’ll always be true, for me and for you.
Enough for the both of us, true times two.
Man, that’s real, true and trill.
Y’know B/CS one time, speaking of, I will soon arrive in time.
Me? I’m from everywhere, seen almost everything.
Trust what I’ve seen ain’t only on the TV screen.
Trust what I seen ain’t only from one scene, ain’t only in my dreams.
I’ve seen with thine eyes...
I’ve felt with thine heart, things that tear most men apart.
I hate a struggle competition.
People always trying to prove they hard without a composition.
Most times they have no proof, we take it for what they say.
We could be getting fooled every single day.
Every single hour, a child is born, and a spirit ascends.
I just hope before mine does I can make amends.
It’s a sad case when you’re already guilty.
Both in spirit and in flesh so I guess it is fitting.
That I was made in the form of a Black man.
With a revolutionary mind so I’m trying to take us back man.
Back to being Kings and Queens of nations.
Gold as far as the eye can see, no need for temptation.
Black is powerful, Black is infinite.
I give the mic mortal combat, best believe imma finish it.
Scorpion, cause I spit fire, Sub-Zero cause I’m cold with it.
Put me with the legends, cause I’m getting old with it.
This that lunch table, school yard flow.
Call me Mr. Washington, I’m teaching y’all flow.
See it’s easy, A B Rhyme scheme.
See you got it, now be about it.
Don’t be like these other rappers, make a little change.
Make a little cash, while not being the same.
You know I’ll always be, just a little different.
You never know, I could be gone in an instance.
You know I’ll always be, just a little soulful.
You know I’ll always be, just a little hopeful.
You know I’ll always be, just a little nerve racking.
You know I’ll always be, the guy that’s always attacking.
Cause I got a problem, with most things today.
Everything is shady, somehow, someway.
I ask myself, “Why?” “Why do I doubt?"
Sometimes being alone is all I ever think about.
See, you know I’ll always be, just a little skeptical.
I’ve seen to many people flip like recripricals.
You know I’ll always be, just a little worried.
See, the rappers these days is killing verses in a hurry.

It's a little scary / things getting hairy / I stay faithful so it's the game I'll marry / y'all stay hateful so it's the game y'all bury / the ground shall break when they bury him / bury him? / I know one day they gonna bury me / at least I stuck to the script on every scene / this the greatest thing y'all ever seen / coming out the 979 / Lemme get a meal with Ty / Warren, but I'm not warring / ain't got enough ammo to take me on / see I love to eat the beats with a lil grey pupon / I'm the type of guy to set it off, then get it on / y'all ain't on my level / making y'all rewrite your verses, ain't that devil? / killing y'all on your own tracks, but this not my final form / see I'm rare / but beware / I breathe my own air / Thanks to J's advice, I prefer not to share


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric Washington (www.ericwashington.net)

Produced by NY Bangers (www.newyorkbangers.com)

Engineered by Kevin Carafa (www.fiverr.com/kevincarafa)


all rights reserved


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