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01​/​26 | Back To The Basics (Produced by NY Bangers)

from Canto II - The Mixtape by Eric Washington



01 - Back To The Basics

Back to the basics,
Running the game like Asics 
Feeling like I was born in '86
How much I love the game, I know the game. 
We ain't twins, we ain't the same. 
I more than win, I shutout the game. 

You know my name. 
If not, let's bring it back. 
My name is Eric Washington and this is not my first track. 
This is not my first lap, 
But it ain't a victory neither. 
More like combat so it's kind of like ether. 

I come from a small town in Texas, 
Might know where BCS is 
2 from Houston, 3 from Dallas 
That 979 yeah I'm about it. 
College educated black man, so you already know they scared of me. 
I got my ring, and I got my team, and they all believe in me.
They all rap too so one of us got to make it. 
I'm talking me myself and I, this city we taking. 

{Lupe Clip}

TMI to EMA to BBZ now I’m solo, I been around the block. 
Not because I'm hard to work with, cause I'm cut from a different rock. 
I'm talking that cornerstone, it's these words I own. 
Don't need a writer, even for Canto I. 
Available now, so go and get you some. 

But this is a different tape, saving rap lemme get my cape. Going Hannibal no more saving face. 
Freemason safe in this amazing race, setting an amazing pace cause ain't nobody catching me! 
Y'all gonna need not clone my evil twin cause nobody matching me! See Steady with the shotty ain't nobody sacking me! 

I don't take Ls, I don't take losses, me, I just stay flossing. 
Gotta keep the dental up cause I'm eating this game up. 
Gotta keep my name up, won't see me in situations precarious, these flows is nefarious. 
I'm so bad, I'm so evil, I'm McCartney and they just Beatles. 
Might see me in my charger jammin Beanie Seigel. 

{Lupe Clip}

My style kind of East by I prefer the West Coast. 
Everybody acting brand new like the gulf ain't the best coast. 

I see you starting to sweat more, stressing while I get more Lyrically sound than your favorite rapper. 
Oh, it's so sad, contracting asthma they get so mad. 
This is bad, we can't let him make it, 
We gotta miss the tracks, we gotta diss the tracks, but I really want to remix the track. 
Boy if you don't get your... 
I'm they one they sent for. 
I'm the one, I'm the legend, I was chosen, it was written. 
10 years or less, or everything is free. 
You'll be seeing Kendrick Lamar on one of my LPs. 
Cole, Drake, Lu, Wale, Jigga, and Yeezy too. 
All I gotta do, is stay all the way true, 8 more than 92.
It's Easy...


from Canto II - The Mixtape, released March 25, 2019
Written by Eric M. Washington

Samples: Lupe Fiasco's Top 10 Rules To Success (www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFgfuvenveA)

Produced by NY Bangers (www.newyorkbangers.com)

Engineered by Andrey Paschenko (www.fiverr.com/andreypaschenko)


all rights reserved


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